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Aries 2013 Horoscope

Aries 2013 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Aries Zodiac Sign 2013

As 2013 begins, there is only one planet in Aries, giving sort of the theme of the year: It's Uranus, which entered the sign already in 2012 and will move slowly through it until 2019, when it goes on to Taurus.

       So, for every Aries these years are greatly influenced by Uranus. It's the planet of insight, of deep reflection, understanding, and discovery. The mind at its best.

       Aries is not the most patient of thinkers, normally, but here's a chance to excel and to reach very far, in spite of that intellectual impatience. A mind that hurries also has the possibility to reach very far.

       Make sure to spend time contemplating and expanding your knowledge. You will notice that it comes easier for you than ever before - the deeper you go, the more inspiring it gets.

Uranus in Aries

In the 2013 New Year horoscope, Uranus in Aries has three aspects to other planets, making its influence in your life increase and expand.

       One of them is a sextile to Mars in the beginning of Aquarius. Again, that suggests thought and learning, albeit not without struggle. You take on intellectual challenges and find that you have ample inner resources for it.

       Mars triggers you as an Aries to question established knowledge and seek out alternatives that others had a hard time imagining. You refuse to settle with the theories you're served, but turn them around, penetrate and disassemble them in search for other explanations. It's a challenge that really stimulates you.

       Another Uranus in Aries sextile aspect is to Jupiter in Gemini. This, too, points to intellectual endeavors. That's the character of Gemini: thoughts and the eager communication of them. Jupiter makes them flow in abundance, so that you feel enriched and encouraged in your intellectual pursuit.

       At the beginning of 2013, Jupiter is in Retrograde, creating some obstacles you have to overcome before succeeding. But it will change, and at that break-through a lot happens at once. From then on, everything seems like a piece of cake. You learn, you understand, and your mind expands.

       It's true that every Aries prefers action to mere thought, but these years you should really allow for exercises of the mind to take a good part of your everyday activities. There will be rewards and you will not regret it. Uranus will take more than 80 years to return to Aries, so don't waste this opportunity.

       Uranus also has an opposition to the Ascendant of the 2013 world horoscope. That's not really something relevant to your personal life, but you will still be aware of it.

       It means that you have the impression that your interests and your conclusions on your intellectual quest seem to contradict the values and positions of society around you in 2013. You as an Aries go on your own, indifferent to the opinion of others, and that sets you apart. Some may even find it offensive, but they don't walk in your shoes.

       Still, you'd be wise not to provoke others unnecessarily. Your quest is yours, so you don't need the approval of others, nor do you need to drag them along.

Aspects to Aries

Apart from what's said about Uranus above, the Aries sign has aspects to some other planets of the 2013 horoscope. This influence is far from as strong as that of the planet in your sign, but you will experience it occasionally. Depending on your own birth chart it can sometimes be quite forceful.

       At a square aspect distance to Aries is the conjunction of Pluto and the sun, which is so powerful you're bound to be influenced by it. It's in Capricorn, so in 2013 there are big projects that interfere with you and take their toll on you, even if you don't approve of them or even refuse to take part in them.

       The sun will quickly leave this conjunction, but Pluto remains for a long time in Capricorn. Therefore, some developments in society continue not to be to your liking. Some grand things don't progress in the direction you prefer. But there's not much you can do about that.

       Some of these unwanted changes regard homes and families - also yours. It's a global thing, so it's beyond your control. Of course, you still try to resist, but it's not easy.

       Mercury very early in Capricorn at the start of 2013 indicates that you become informed, not to say warned, before these things begin to take effect.

       Venus in Sagittarius is at trine distance to Aries, which means that there are new perspectives opening up around you, even far away, that stimulate you and your creativity in 2013. Not tremendously, but it's still pleasant.

       Another stimulation comes from the moon, which is in Leo at the beginning of 2013, in trine to Aries. The moon moves quickly across the sky, so its effect is short. It creates a longing in you towards self-realization, but that's nothing new. You just feel it again, particularly tempting and exciting, at the very start of 2013. A good start.

       In 2013, the trouble of the global economy becomes more severe. This is shown by Saturn in the 2nd House of the 2013 world horoscope. But Aries suffers less from it than several other signs of the Zodiac. You seem to have the resources and the initiative to manage decently, even when the world economy does not.

       Summing it up, you should focus on Uranus passing through your sign Aries. It's increasingly stimulating the closer it is to the sun in your birth chart. The year 2013, as well as the past and the next, that goes for people born in late March. But also every Aries born in April will feel it coming and be more and more inspired by it in the coming few years.

Aries, illustration from a 1482 edition of a book by Hyginus.

What Can Be Predicted

The Aries 2013 predictions are made by Classical Zodiac sign astrology forecast methods, analyzing the Aries 2013 star sign horoscope and the planetary movements during the year. Therefore, some things can be predicted about the year to come, and other things not.

       Also, astrology rarely shows exactly what will happen in full detail, but what astrological forces are at play. So, the more you already know about how those forces affect you and what roles they play in your personal Aries horoscope, the more can be told from the Aries 2013 astrological forecast.

       Still, you can learn a lot about what to expect in 2013 from the Aries Zodiac sign horoscope forecast here. But please understand that the predictions deal with tendencies. Astrology is far from an exact science.

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Zodiac Sign Calculator

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How the Astrological Forecast Is Made

The 2013 astrological predictions for Aries are made with the chart of the New Year horoscope, also considering the movement of the planets during the year. Click the header to read more about how it's done.

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